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  • SOFTER FOR MORE SNUGGLES. These super soft baby blankets are made from plush Faux Mink, which makes it ultra soft for tummy-time with babies, and snuggly for toddlers.

  • VERSATILITY FOR PEACE OF MIND. It’s 30"x 40” - perfect for tucking your little one into a stroller, or stashing in a diaper bag (and using as a makeshift changing pad if needed) and it's machine washable without pilling.

  • CLASSIC DESIGN FOR ANY BABY DECOR. The clean and simple design goes with any nursery, and won’t date itself with designs/images that may fall out of fashion or become scratchy

  • Available in your choice of pink or blue.

Price: $34.00 

Limit: Two names per blanket or name and date

With Bear or Butterfly design and name:  $39.00

Bear Design.JPG
Butterfly Design.JPG
blanket with date.JPG

Name and Date 

Bear Design and Name

Butterfly Design and Name

mendel blanket.JPG
esther elephant.jpg

Aleph Bais Blocks Design and Name

Elephant Design and Name

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